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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{ artisana product review }

The wonderful people at Artisana were so nice to send us a few samples of their nut butters to try.  And by a few samples, we aren't talking one or two. They sent us an entire box filled with goodies! We love this company because they pride themselves on making their products from natural ingredients--most of them only having ONE {aka: the nut they come from}. What more can you ask for? We highly recommend trying them all.... and the squeeze packs make a great, healthy snack on the go.

A little about the company...

Artisana is a company that sells a variety of organic nut butters. They hand select the finest new-harvest nuts, seeds, and coconut for their butters. They have the best walnuts and almonds that California has to offer and when they create their butters, they only make them in small batches, this way you know you're getting the best quality possible. Also, their nut butters are free of sugar, preservatives, and all artificial flavors. This means that you are getting optimal freshness and a great taste every bite.
So, what did we think?? 
**Disclaimer: Artisana was kind enough to send us complimentary samples of their products to review. 
 All views expressed were purely our own, and we were not reimbursed by the company to share our opinions with you.**

Macadamia Butter: It has a very rich, but mild taste, “melt in your mouth” texture and the flavor is buttery-rich, yet delicate and slightly sweet. So perfect. And did you know that macadamia nuts have the highest amount of beneficial monounsaturated fats of any known nut?

Almond Butter: It's not hard to say that we like anything almond these days, so it was no surprise that were a big fan of the ol' classic. To be honest, we weren't expecting to be impressed by the almond butter, because we have tried so many other brands. But, we were! It was good, smooth and flavorful.

Cashew Butter:  It definitely lived up to all the hype, and we really enjoyed it on an apple.  It obviously had a very distinct cashew taste. This one was definitely one of our top favorites!

Pecan Butter: The pecan butter was extremely palatable with a smooth mouth feel and creamy texture. The flavor of the pecan butter was also extremely unique and rich, perfect to satisfy any craving.

Walnut Butter: As you might expect, this one tastes just like walnuts. We were quite impressed with how awesome this one was as well. Although the cashew flavor was dominant the walnut gave the butter a hint of walnut flavor and an awesome, smooth texture. It's super healthy and tastes good on all fruits.

Coconut Butter: Talk. About. HEAVEN.  This stuff is SERIOUSLY addicting! This was my {lady of the blog} personal favorite. We heated it up in the microwave for a few seconds to make it easier to spread which really helped out. After tasting it the texture was quite similar to the cacao bliss, silky smooth and melt in your mouth. Coconut butter tastes sweet without any added sugar, and a ridiculously small amount of naturally occurring sugar. It is just luscious, perfect for when you're craving something sweet but avoiding sugar...and it's great on top of paleo pancakes.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a major staple in the Paleo diet, so we will definitely need to restock this soon! In our experiences, bad coconut oil tastes like what you would expect Vaseline to taste like. Artisana makes really good coconut oil--super smooth. We use it for EVERYTHING. From cooking our veggies, eggs, and adding to recipes that would regularly call for other oils. This is a MUST HAVE!

Cacao Bliss: This butter is actually a blend of coconut, cacao, and agave nectar. It tastes delicious, and reminds us of its highly processed "cousin," Nutella. So, if you are a huge Nutella...go buy some! It's good, and nice to have around for an occasional "treat."

While we had definite favorites, we honestly cannot say that we disliked any of the butters. They were all great, and we would most definitely recommend this brand to anyone. Again, we love the fact that these products have minimal ingredients, and love even more that they are Paleo-friendly.

Kind of a longer post--We hope you enjoyed our opinions on Artisana nut butters, if you haven’t tried them before hopefully this review will help you to decide which flavor would be perfect for you.

Thanks again to the wonderful people at Artisana for allowing us to review these products!

Check them out at www.artisanafoods.com to learn more about their 
nut butters and order some for yourself! They are also available in health food stores like 
Whole Foods, and even in some regular grocery stores.

Tell us why you would like to get the chance to sample these amazing nut butters, and which flavor you think you would 
enjoy most....giveaway coming soon!!!
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  1. I want to try all of it. Especially the Cacao Bliss! I am a nutella lover and this stuff would make me so happy!


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