**READ ME: Keep in mind that while all of these recipes are Paleo. If you are currently doing the whole30, you will need to leave out all sweeteners!
I know, I know...but you will be able to enjoy them soon enough. Hang in there! I promise it's all worth it.**

{ About Us }

Hello! Lady of the blog here!

For the past couple of years, my husband and I tried multiple new eating regimen's/diets--only to find none of them worked for our lifestyle. This year has been huge for us, and we have been making huge lifestyle changes towards a more healthy way of life.

Our latest adventure --PALEO! Last year, after many health problems, I had a feeling that lasted a month or so, maybe even longer, about what I could do to make things better and help my situation. I questioned everything that we, as a family, consumed. We started to eat Paleo after a friend recommended it to me a few months back. She had been struggling with many health problems herself, and eating Paleo miraculously cured her of everything. No joke. Her doctors say she's 100% now. Which in turn of course made me very curious, and made me do A LOT of research to find the right thing for us. Since then, we made the switch to Paleo and haven't looked back. We have switched from nearly eating all fast food and processed foods in some way, to eating strictly all homemade, organic & fresh foods! We have changed the way we eat and loving it!

Paleo is amazing. We swear by it. And we can honestly say, we love how we feel. We love not needing to worry about if what we are eating is real or "fake." It is scary, and disgusting how much junk we feed ourselves and our family. Most of us are not even aware of what it is that goes into our bodies. We have been learning more about living a Paleo lifestyle, and love what we have learned and now know about nutrition. What really kicked this off for us was the whole30 challenge. This really helped us get started and also see if Paleo was for us. We totally recommend you doing this, if you are even thinking of giving it a try! It's a great place to start. We have been inspired by so many other people that are also finding this lifestyle to be how they want to live. And hope that we can continue working hard, gaining strength, gaining knowledge, and maybe even inspiring others to do the same.

We started this blog to share our experiences--good and bad through our major lifestyle change, recipes--both old and newly renovated, and fitness tips from time to time. And we may even throw in some not-so-Paleo recipes or ideas at times--but of course, still healthy. You can always count on a little positive encouragement/motivation for your journey as well. We are overly excited about this new adventure--Paleo and Crossfit!

Please feel free to email me with any questions at paleonit@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!
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