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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{ the low down }

We have had a few people ask where to buy certain things that usually are a little harder to come across, and we figured that posting about it would be the easiest way to go. That way everyone has access to it. Hope you find this helpful in purchasing your everyday Paleo items--brands, and pictures included so you know what items looks like. When out shopping, our favorite brands for these types of items are Artisana, Coconut Secrets, Honeyville, or "365"--Just a little FYI. We purchase most things at our local health foods store {Whole Foods, Harmons}, and occasionally online. If there is an online source, the link will be posted. You can also buy most of these on Amazon. Let us know if there is anything that isn't listed, you would like to know more about.

Organic Coconut Flour: Bob's Red Mill, Coconut Secrets, or Tropical Traditions online here.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Artisana, Nutiva, or "365" {<--Whole Foods brand}

Organic Coconut Butter: Artisana {best out of the two}, or Nutiva

Organic Almond Flour: Bulk at Whole Foods seems to be the cheapest--$5.99/lb, 
but Honeyville Farms is ONE OF THE BEST--can be purchased online here.
Coconut Aminos: Coconut Secrets

Coconut Flakes: Let's Do Organic--can be purchased online here
Bob's Red Mill --can be purchased online here.
Organic Coconut Milk: "365" {<--Whole Foods Brand}, or Thai Kitchen
Coconut Vinegar: Coconut Secrets {can you tell this is our favorite brand!?}

 Again, hope you find this list useful!
You CAN find the majority of these items in your local health food store.
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  1. Great info! I will be using this list next time I am out of something. Thanks!


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